You’re So Vain! – Vanity Search

Hey, Google-eyes!

Have you ever “Googled” yourself?   15 years ago, you may have slapped someone for asking you that.    My how times have changed!

So, have you?   …Sure you have!  You’ve gone online and looked yourself up and wondered, “what will I find?”.

Well, what did you find?  How did you find it?  Did you try looking up other things that you thought might return you in the results?   Did you wonder if others have ever “Googled” you as well?  (They probably have.)

Ok, Microsoft®.   I’ll stop saying it.  :-)

Be Vain at work

Wouldn’t it be great to have this feature at work? I mean, focused content, dedicated to the sources at you workplace, that told you everything about you and what you’ve contributed on the web.

SharePoint 2010 introduces “Vanity Searches” as part of the out-of-the-box People Search functionality.   This is really cool stuff!   Now, you can search on your name in People Search (or someone else’s, of course), and see everything you need to know about a person.

You can see:

  • Who you are – including your title and contact information (from Active Directory)
  • Who you report to and who reports to you
  • A “blurb” about you that you can provide for others to read.
  • “Ask Me About” content, where you can tell people what you are most knowledgeable about, what your interests are, and your business specialties.
  • You can identify keywords for people to use when looking for things that you might be involved with.   Additionally, you can see what keywords people are using when they look for you.
  • How many people have searched for you (last month, or last week)
  • And much more!
SharePoint 2010 Vanity Search

SharePoint 2010 Vanity Search

What’s More?

Well, because the Vanity Search is a results page within People Search, you also have the benefit of the “Refinement Panels” (I will talk about this in an upcoming post).   You can find out if people have the same, or similar names as you, as well as who else in your company has your same job title, etc.   This functionality is also available in other People Search features that we’ll discuss in future posts.

So, what’s the use?

Well, it’s obvious to see how this (and your MySite) can contribute to your company’s sense of Community.   You can also see how it may be helpful to find out what that guy in Accounting actually does all day (besides walk the halls).

Ever hear the term, “Perception is reality”?  Well, this is one way to make that work in your favor, by keeping your Vanity profile up-to-date with positive and helpful information.

Check out the video introduction on Expertise Searches (AKA Vanity Search) and see how you can get started with it today!

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