Welcome, Tom Ingram!!

I would like to take a moment to introduce Tom Ingram, author of the book “How to Turn Computer Problems Into Competitive Advantage

About Tom Ingram

Since 1983, Tom’s project teams have delivered over $19 million in IT projects substantially on time, on budget and as promised. These projects have generated approximately $105 million in measured benefits for clients and employers.

I Met Tom…

I met Tom through a mutual friend and, as we met over coffee one morning, we quickly came to realize that we had a lot in common. Though we come from two completely different schools of thought, we have very similar opinions about how IT Projects (namely involving SharePoint) should be done correctly and out philosophies about how to do so are so similar, it’s a little creepy!

I was telling Tom of my interest in doing a BPM Series on this blog and he began to elaborate on his background with Process Improvement, and how he thinks SharePoint is a great platform to facilitate processes (of course, I agreed). Before long, we decided to embark upon a 7-part series to share with the “SharePoint Dude Faithful”.

SharePoint Process Improvement: How to Get Big Results!

Please, help me welcome Tom – ’round about mid-week for the next 7 weeks – as he enlightens us on how we can all execute better, cheaper, and faster – if we take the right approach. Get big results with little expense and leverage the tools you already have!

How to buy Tom’s Book:

Image of How to Turn Computer Problems into Competitive Advantage
Click the image to the right to view details about Tom’s book and/or to buy a copy. (never hurts to make a contribution to those who contribute to the community, such as Tom!) :-)

Welcome to the SharePoint Dude, Tom! Take it away, my friend!

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