Week 6 – Launch!

It’s finally here!

You’ve gathered your team for Planning and Scope (P).   You’ve gathered feedback from the masses and Outlined (O) their goals.  You’ve documented your Requirements (R) and the solution architecture needed to fulfill those requirements.   You’ve done the Tactical (T) task of building the environment to specification and Analyzed (A) it thoroughly.    Now, it’s time to (drum-roll, please….)   LAUNCH!!!!!!!

Get Your Countdown Fingers Ready:

This week, we’re going to count down to launch.   5-4-3-2-1-BLASTOFF!! That’s right.  We’ll cap of this 6 week venture (give or take) with an exciting finale week.   This week will be filled with anticipation, excitement, fulfillment and success.   I’m going to show you how to plan your launch week activities and make sure that your audience is amped up and ready to take productivity to the next level!

Hang on tight!  This will be a fun week, but there’s still LOTS to do!

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