Taxonomy Policy and Vision

Taxonomy Vision Statement:

It’s important to communicate (at least to your Stakeholders and Portal Committee) what your intentions are with Taxonomy and Governance.   Creating a Taxonomy Vision Statement is a good way to do this.

Here’s a sample Taxonomy Vision Statement I created.  Feel free to modify it to suit your needs.

Taxonomy Policy example

Creating a Taxonomy Policy is simple and you can use it as a reference for content publishers to review periodically.  This document instructs publishers on how future content should be classified.  Sometimes this can be useful in creating navigational structures as well (if your navigation is based on information type).

You can make the Taxonomy Policy as simple or as complex as you wish.   Personally, I prefer simple.   Here’s a “simple” example of how I’ve done it in the past.   I’ve also done WAY more complex versions, but once you get going, you’ll quickly see how much further you can break this out if you want to.

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