SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Using The PORTAL Method

The PORTAL Method – 6 Steps to planning your SharePoint 2010 Upgrade or Migration:

Part 1 – Planning your Upgrade / Migration

If you’re a “seasoned professional” at SharePoint:

This series may not be for you.   Remember, this site is for “…the rest of us”.  If you’re already a seasoned SharePoint Pro, you may want to just skim this content and make sure you’ve covered your bases (high level).

The rest of you should answer the following questions:

  1. Are you new to SharePoint?
  2. Are you new to Portal Planning (in General)?
  3. Do you have very limited headcount to devote to the portal project?
  4. Do you have very limited time to plan and launch your portal?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then The PORTAL Method is for you!!!   I won’t be re-inventing any wheels here, only guiding you through the key steps in the process and pointing out free resources available to you along the way (so you don’t have to look for them yourself!).

The PORTAL Method:

The PORTAL Method is a quick, 6-step guide to your portal planning success.   In this series, we’re going to use The PORTAL Method to plan our SharePoint 2010 upgrade / migration.

Step 1:  Planning your SharePoint 2010 Upgrade / Migration

  1. Understand product requirements (SharePoint’s hardware and software requirements)
  2. Identify the hardware and software differences between your existing environment and your current environment.
  3. Determine which browsers you wish to support
    • IE 6, 7 & 8
    • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Windows
    • Safari 4.04 on Non-Windows OS
    • Learn about Browser Support levels and get detailed information on the support levels of each browser mentioned above.
  4. Run the Pre-Upgrade Checker
    • You can use the pre-upgrade checker to report on the status of your environment and SharePoint sites before you upgrade to Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010.
    • You may need to do this multiple times.
    • Check for things like:
      • Orphaned sites, databases, lists, etc.
      • Alternate Mappings you may have.
      • Farm requirements for upgrade.
      • Site customizations.
      • And more.
    • The pre-upgrade checker is an Stsadm operation that you run in a MOSS 2007 environment to check for any potential upgrade problems and to review recommendations and best practices.
    • In order to use the operation, you need to have Office SharePoint Server 2007 Service Pack 2 (included in the October 2009 Cumulative Update for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Office SharePoint Server 2007.
    • You can read more about the Pre-Upgrade Checker Here.
  5. Identify what you’re going to do before, during, and after the upgrade:
    • How will you plan your upgrade/migration (The PORTAL Method)
    • How will you gather requirements and perform gap analysis?
    • How will you test the upgrade /migration steps?
    • How will you deploy your upgrade / migration for real
    • How will you verify success in your upgrade / migration
    • Here’s a great Poster for planning all of the above.

See, painless, right?   Ha ha!  It’s not going to be “simple”, but simplifying your plan can sure help ease that burden and still enable you to deliver a best-practice deployment.

Stay tuned for Step 2!!!

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