SharePoint 2010 Upgrade – Part 6


Ok, so you’ve done your Planning.  You’ve Outlined your approach options and documented your upgrade/migration Requirements.   Then, you did the Tactical steps of testing out upgrade/migration options, and the Analysis required to make the best choice for your business.   Now, it’s time to Launch this shiny, new trophy of a solution you crafted!!!

Rather than re-invent the wheel, I’ll just remind you that there are plenty of activities involved in this step.  Though this is the least technical of the steps, it’s certainly not without its own stresses.   Thus, you should make the best of it.   Throw a party, make a big fuss!!!  You’ve earned it!

You have to remember that there are things you still need to do, such as communicate the launch, train your users and Content Stewards, and make sure the upgrade/migration goes into place without a hitch.

As a reminder, allow me to point you to some Launch ideas from The PORTAL Method Series posted earlier this year.    Remember, the book is coming out soon!!!!  (Don’t worry, I’ll remind you.)

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