SharePoint 2010 Upgrade: Part 5

Analysis – Analyze your upgrade / migration approach test-runs.

So you tested out your first choice of upgrade / migration approach.   You picked an approach, set up a test farm, moved some data into it, deployed some of your sample customizations, and maybe even did some branding tests.

If your test results were good and you liked everything you saw, you may be ready to move on to Part 6 (but you’ll have to wait until later this week!).   If that’s you – lucky you - see you at Step 6!

However, if you’re like most of us, something wasn’t quite right.  Maybe it was your branding, or some of your customizations that didn’t set well with you.   Maybe the upgrade/migration approach you took wasn’t the right approach for you.   If that was the case, you may need to set up, yet another, test farm and start over with a different upgrade / migration option.

Doing Thorough Analysis

The Analysis phase can be quick, or it can go through several iterations.   It’s like doing body work on an old car.   You can fix it to where 80% of passers by would never notice, or you can back up and start over until you get it “right“.   It’s ok to go through several trials and/or experiments in this phase.  That’s what Analysis is for.

CAUTION:  Don’t “over-analyze”.   You’re likely to have several people counting on you and foaming at the mouth for their new SharePoint 2010 portal.   That said, you’ll have to get it done eventually.  Don’t fall into the “Analysis Paralysis” trap!!   Stick the the requirements and don’t allow scope creep.  Discipline is key.

Remember – The PORTAL Method is an agile and evolutionary process.

Whatever features or functions you don’t get to in the first pass, you can always go back through the process and implement them correctly later.   It’s best not to rush it out the door and do it poorly.

Once you verify that your upgrade is everything you think it should be, complete your testing (Step 4) and then repeat your Analysis.   If you’re happy and your solution is ready for production, let’s move on to Step 6 – LAUNCH!!!

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