SharePoint 2010 Launches!!!

Let the Party Continue!!

Well, we just finished our series on The PORTAL Method and went out with a Launch Party.   We may as well continue on with the party, since SharePoint 2010 has officially launched (May 12th)!!!

Microsoft’s “Official” SharePoint 2010 Site, is up (bye bye Beta site!) and they’ve added some great resources.   This is going to be a very exciting version of SharePoint, with many new features and improvements.  Click here to find out what’s new in SharePoint 2010.  One of my favorite new features is the use of the Office Ribbon, which is familiar to those of you using Office 2007 and later.

Get In On The Action!

Be there for the Launch 2010 Events (I’ll be in Minneapolis on May 27).   Come find out what’s new in SharePoint 2010, Office 2010, and Visual Studio 2010.   Personally, I’m excited for SharePoint (duh!), InfoPath, and Visio!   HUGE strides made in Office 2010!

Better sign up for these events, FAST!   They are filling up.  The Dallas event is already full and has a waiting list!   Don’t miss out in your town!!

Check out the,”What Can SharePoint Do For You” video!

FYI: I originally embedded this video. However, due to high traffic, this and other SharePoint 2010 Videos can be found on Microsoft’s web site at

You should go check out the new SharePoint 2010 site anyway, so be sure to view these videos while you’re there.

Party Responsibly!!!

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