Step 6: Set Initial Goals

Meeting #2:  Set initial portal goals.

Collect the feedback from the Committee surveys and aggregate the results into a single file (databse, Spreadsheet, table – whatever works).  Bring the Portal Committee back together and review the responses to the survey, one question at a time.  Discuss how many questions had the same responses.  Discuss how many questions received a variety of responses.   Talk about how you can tweak that survey and make it more effective for the end users.

You will find that it may cause controversy.  It may stir up some lively discussion.   Stay the course and keep the conversations professional and relevant.  If you start veering off on a tangent, step in and move the discussion along.   Maybe go to the next topic and come back to this one later, if it’s a sticking point.

Store the results somewhere for now and we’ll use them later on.

Define high-level goals as a group.

By now, your Committee has a pretty good idea of what’s going on and where this whole “portal thing” is headed.   It’s important that you get together again and set some high-level goals and timelines for this portal project.

I say, “high-level”, because this Portal Committee represents only a “taste” of your company’s opinion – and that perspective is most likely from a group of perceived, “higher ups”.   Trust me, you’ll want to get the pulse of the users (through the use of your end-user survey), and you will find that their needs are very different than those seen from the top floor.

Meeting #3:  Set initial portal goals.

Get the Portal Committee together.  Use their results from the survey the just took and determine what the top priorities amongst the group are.  You can tell (without asking) by how many repeat answers are found in specific questions.   Keep your business drivers in the back of your mind here, as we will eventually want to map all of these goals back to those drivers.  If you don’t address the reasons you set out to build this portal in the first place, you’re automatically missing your mark.   We will make sure that doesn’t happen.

Try to determine up to 20 high-level goals for your portal as a group.   List the must-haves, the good-to-haves, the get-rid-ofs and everything else we talked about that should be coming out of the end user survey.   In the end, you should have a pretty broad list of things people (your committee members) want from their portal.  I would hope that we’re seeing concepts (i.e. easy navigation, consistent site designs, etc) and specific (World clock, stock ticker, Weather widget) feedback.   In either case, write it ALL down.  Nothing gets skipped if it was in high demand.

So, that’s it for Phase 1 – Planning!

You can stop, take a deep breath, grab a beverage of your choice, and congratulate yourself!   You are 1/6 of the way through with your new, World-Class Portal!!!

Keep an eye on the Downloads section of my site this week, as I will upload some of the templates talked about in this lesson.   I’ll give you some time to absorb this information, as well as time for me to do my day-job!

Let me know what you think.

Anything that you feel I may have left out?  Ideas you have, comments, suggestions – it’s all welcome!  Comment on this thread.  After all, it’s here for you!   I’m looking forward to sharing more and hearing what you all have to say.

Thank you for your interest in “The PORTAL Method”!

I’ll be talking to you throughout the week!

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