Post-Launch Survey – The Last Frontier:

No, You didn’t miss the launch yet…

This is the final step before you get ready for your big launch party bash!

Just like the other phases, let everyone have the opportunity to tell you if you hit the mark, or if you still have some work to do.   This time, you should have things pretty well buttoned up, so you should feel great about sending out a feedback loop to everyone who will be using the new Portal.

Don’t be afraid of the feedback.  After all, honest, anonymous, feedback gets the best results in the end.   If you get some comments that “sting” a little, that’s OK.  Even the meanest, most cutting comments only help you to make your creation that much better.  So, swallow your pride, bite the bullet, take the feedback with pride.  Then, go back and show ‘em what you’re made of.   In the end, they will thank you for it.

Because this feedback survey won’t be going to a “focus” group or pilot team of any kind (it’s going to everyone), you don’t want to burden them with a long, drawn-out survey.   Additionally, you don’t have to go make up a nice new survey for this audience.  You can just use some of the questions from your previous Feedback Survey. Just shorten it up a bit.     If you choose to re-use this survey (I would), then here are some helpful tips:

  • Shorten it up – don’t use the exhaustive list you sent to your pilot group.  They volunteered to be “punished” (evil grin), the rest of your users are innocent by-standers.
  • Choose questions that were most helpful from the pilot group – Whether these questions were controversial or just plain effective, you want to choose the survey questions that gave you the best bang for your buck.  (Since the download is free, there’s pretty good ROI).
  • Make the survey simple to use – Multiple choice, 1-5 ranking, or a drop-down choice are best.   If you want to leave room at the end for open comments, you should certainly do so.
  • Make the survey accessible from your Portal Home Page – This should be – “BAM!”– readily available, but not “in the way” of any prime screen real estate.
  • Keep it Anonymous – you get more honest feedback that way.
  • Ask for permission to follow up - You either want to follow up with a more in-depth survey, or to get clarity on specific questions from the survey they have already submitted.   Remember: This was supposed to be anonymous, so you’ll have to ask for their contact info (if they choose to give it). If the user agrees to provide more detailed information (including their contact info), please be professional and respectful and keep their responses confidential.

As you collect feedback, bring it forth to your portal team (Governance Committee, Steering Committee, Content Stewards, etc) and work together to make the changes that will provide the most positive improvements in the future.

Ok, you’re all set!  Now you have everything in place, your portal is branded and ready to go, and your feedback survey is published and waiting.   The question is… why are you still waiting???

(well… because we haven’t done the most fun part yet, have we?)


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