Week 4: Tactical

AHHH!  The time has come to move into the more “tactical” tasks of your portal build-out.  To this point, you’ve been drawing up your plans (blueprints) for your portal “home”. Now, it’s time to add the electrical, plumbing, and other technical specifications.

Basically, what this means is that we have a little more documentation to do, but this time, the documentation is more “how-to” based.  We’re going to document how to build our environment (logically, physically, graphically, etc.).   Then, once all of that documentation is done, it’ll be time to BUILD THAT PORTAL!

It all happens here, in “Week 4″ of The PORTAL Method series.

Note:  This is week 4 of our series (not necessarily the 4th week of your project). Just wanted to make that clarification.