Improving Business Processes

There are many things to look forward to once your SharePoint platform is in place.   Among these things, is extending the value of that platform and leveraging the underlying technology to improve your business processes.   I’m not talking about workflows (per se); rather, I’m talking about truly improving your business processes. 

We all have great ideas on how we can do things better within our organizations.   Although many of us find SharePoint to be very valuable, it’s not always enough to make our process improvement vision a reality (I still love you, Microsoft!).   In my opinion, the need to fill this gap is what makes companies like Global 360 so successful. 

 With their recent release of Process360, its flagship Business Process Management (BPM) Suite, Global 360, as mentioned in their press release,  ”supports and extends Microsoft SharePoint 2010, allowing organizations to further leverage their SharePoint investment for more strategic applications – greatly improving ROI”. 

 Process360 is more than just a workflow or document management solution.  This is truly an end-to-end enterprise solution.   What’s more is that Process360 is a “click-to-configure” solution, rather than one that requires much back-end coding (while you can still do that, too, if you insist).  

 Process360 allows your business users to quickly build a model of your business processes (and/or proposed processes).  Your business users can collaboratively share that model with internal Analysts, who can improve that process model and simulate actual business improvements and results (establishing real ROI before the process is put into production).    Then, the BA’s can collaboratively share that process with IT to publish it into production.  (Really, a collaborative effort)

 Users leverage SharePoint Web Parts to facilitate processes and the actual work involved, while Managers can leverage a different set of SharePoint Web Parts, as a dashboard, to oversee those processes.  Real-time monitoring and dashboards allow management to quickly identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in their business processes.   Because these processes are collaborative, tweaking and improving these solutions is made quite simple.

 Agile.  Powerful.  Useful.   In my opinion, these are all great traits of Global 360′s Process360 suite. 

 …. and, did I mention that you don’t have to code?

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