Help Nashville Flood Victims!

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As you are probably aware by now, Nashville, Tennessee and surrounding areas have been hit very hard by some severe weather and major flooding.   This has forced many families out of their homes and forced even harder times on those already homeless. is a non-profit organization that is working diligently to help provide these people and others with the basic living essentials.   If you are interested in providing some assistance, please see below.

FYI: This is http://peoplelovingpeople.ORG, not .com.   There’s a big difference.   Please make sure you use the .org address below.

Want more information on this organization?  Here are some resources and ways that you can follow this organization:

Your small donation can change lives!
ALL donations are tax deductible

You can make a ONE TIME donation here:

To Donate through The SharePoint Dude: (100% of proceeds are directly forwarded to by The SharePoint Dude), click “Donate” below.

People Loving People

People Loving People

Other Donation Options:

You can also donate from People Loving People’s donation page:   Please note that a SMALL DONATION goes a VERY long way.

  • Basic Hygiene Kit $5 (one time gift):
    *Includes Soap, washcloth, toothpaste & Toothbrush, razor, deoderant, shampoo and hand sanitizer. (plus feminine hygiene products for women’s kits). These kits are handed out on every trip to see the homeless and contain all the items needed to maintain good hygiene.
  • Bronze Level $5.00 a Month or $60.00 a Year
    *(provides a hygiene kit every month)
  • Silver Level $10.00 a Month or $120.00 a Year
    *(Provides Hygine Kit, plus toilet paper and cans of food each month)
  • Gold Level $25.00 a Month or $300.00 a Year
    *(provides Hygiene kit, toilet paper, cans of food, propane heat in the winter, new tent, sleeping bag and coat as needed)
  • If you would like to Donate by Check or Money Order make payable to:
    The Matthew 25:35 Initiative People Loving People, Inc and mail to P.O. Box 1205 Spring Hill, TN 37174

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