Five Cool Web Parts

Everybody’s searching for the best web parts, it seems.  These days, you don’t have to look very far to come across some excellent Web Parts made by great new companies all across the globe.

Story Time:

Several years ago, when I was an Information Worker Solution Specialist at Microsoft, I used to speak at customer and partner events across the USA.  In many of these events, I would say, “Pretty soon, there will be many companies who’s sole existence has been made possible, simply because SharePoint exists.”  (at the time, Bamboo Solutions was really the only well-known player). Well, that day has certainly come!

A quick search across your favorite search engine will produce some quick results, which point you to several of these aforementioned companies.   When you take the time to browse through them, you will undoubtedly find some standard Web Parts offered by the majority of them.    Specifically, you’ll see things ilke:

  • Data View
  • Calendar View
  • Password changes
  • Weather
  • Charting
  • and others

Those are easy enough to find.   Which one you choose, is completely up to you (they each have advantages and disadvantages).

Standing out:

Some of you (more techie) folks will scoff at my suggestions below, but remember:  The USERS of your SharePoint solutions determine what is valid.  They are the ones who determine what is “useful” and/or “helpful”.   The list of web parts below, are some that I have received excellent feedback on and have received great reviews by the users.

Although, some of these can be a bit pricey, they’re all great web parts.

Here’s a list of Five Web Parts that I think are excellent choices for “good to have” add-ons to your existing portal.  (in no particular order):

NOTE:  The SharePoint Dude is, in no way, affiliated with any of the companies and/or products mentioned below.  This is purely an un-biased grouping of feedback received by my readers.

Five Great Web Parts That Your Users Will Love:

  1. Birthday and Anniversary SharePoint Web Part - for MOSS 2007 – Amrein Engineering
  2. Stock Quotes Web Part - Amrein Engineering
  3. SQL Query Web Part - Amrein Engineering
  4. SharePoint AD Self Service – SharePoint Boost
  5. SharePoint Navigators – Bamboo Solutions

Want More:

Don’t forget to poll your user community every now and then and see what may be missing from YOUR site.   If you get some free time (I know we’re all busy), take a few moments to search for SharePoint Web Parts on your favorite search engine and see what you come up with.  Your proactive research may uncover just what your company needed.   Go be a Hero!!

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