Communicate your launch date:

Hopefully, by now you have the kinks worked out of your portal (at least from the key stakeholders’ perspective).  Now, it’s time to throw it to the wolves and let the pack have a go at it!  (GULP!).  Not to worry, we did some great preparation, so we can go into this with confidence.   C’mon… let’s get in there!

Final Committee Meeting:

It’s time, once again, to get your Portal Committee together – especially your Executive Sponsor.  Hopefully, you’ve kept your Executive Sponsor in the loop and they are well aware of the progress you’ve made, as well as the features and functionality that your new portal is going to bring to the table.

The next step is to communicate that message out to the masses.  This is a critical step, so we want to take special care to do this correctly.   There are some key communication elements that you’ll need to adhere to in order to make this communication channel a success.  Make sure your spokesperson is ready to communicate the key points and get your audience amped up in anticipation of this portal launch.   Create a Launch Communication Checklist.  You can use the sample I provide, or add to it if you like.   Do what works for you!

Additionally, here are 34 ideas for promoting your intranet portal.    (I thought this was a great post!)  Feel free to include some of these ideas in your communication plan around the launch.

Before you communicate everything out, however, make sure you read up on what else is required!  More posts will be forthcoming this week!

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