BPM Phase 5: Continuous Improvment

Phase 5:  Optimize and Improve the Business Process

The result of monitoring and managing a business process is often that someone has identified a deficiency or an opportunity to further improve the business process.  Thus, your BPM solution should include tools that help you do just that.

In Phase 1, we discussed modeling the business process.  In Phase 2, we talked about running simulations to determine how the process would perform.    Here, in Phase 5, we will re-visit our original process model.  This time, however, we will be armed with knowledge from the production results of our actual business process.

With this action, the 5 Phases of BPM begin again.

The goal is to use this new knowledge to generate ideas on how to resolve the deficiencies or areas of improvement that have been previously identified.    We do this by making adjustments to our original process model, which reflect the improvements we wish to make.   Then, a new simulation is run to determine if our analysis was accurate, or if we have some further research to do before the process gets improved.

Once we’ve determined our path to process improvement, the BPM Lifecycle continues – again, and again, and again.

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