BPM Phase 3: Build and Deploy

Phase 3:  Build and Deploy the Business Process

Though other groups may have been involved in the design and modeling aspects of the business process, building an executable version of the process is typically the job of IT.   Your IT staff will “turn the wrenches” that facilitate the integration between your business process and existing systems of record.  IT will also manage access to these systems through the process and automate (formerly) manual tasks.

Though IT will use the process models created earlier as a blueprint for building the executable business process, the process models themselves may not always be executable.   For this reason, the process modeling tool you selected should not only be easy for the Business Analysts and Stakeholders to read and understand, but it must also be applicable as a blueprint for IT as well.

In some situations, such as Financial Services or Healthcare organizations, there may be governance policies or regulatory requirements in place that dictate how users and/or applications are allowed to access systems, as well as who is legitimately responsible for viewing specific (potentially sensitive) information.

Additionally, the IT Staff will usually manage the Business Process Management Systems (BPMS), which includes server performance, user access, health monitoring, maintenance, and more.

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