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About the SharePoint Dude:

I (the self-proclaimed SharePoint Dude) am an enthusiast of Microsoft SharePoint and related products.   I spent 11 years at Microsoft, learning the ropes of a major software company.  I did everything from technical support, to knowledge base writing, to training, to consulting, to pre-sales and Partner Readiness.  My last role at Microsoft was as an Information Worker Solution Specialist, focused on helping the Certified Partner community learn to provide robust collaborative solutions through the use of Microsoft's Office Suite (i.e. Office, SharePoint, InfoPath, OneNote, Project, Visio, etc.).

About the SharePoint Dude
Brett Kovatch

a.k.a. The SharePoint Dude

Brett is 20-year IT veteran who has had the unique opportunity to experience SharePoint, first-hand, from EVERY perspective within the SharePoint ecosystem.  Starting out with Microsoft, then, as a partner, then a consumer, then a Value Added Reseller (Software company). Most recently, he has worked for two Software companies that leverage the SharePoint platform as part of their workflow and cloud-based software solutions. 

After Microsoft, I went to work for a local Gold Certified Partner as a Portals and Collaboration Consultant.  I worked on a few portal deployments, workflow projects, and dabbled in Office development (development was NOT my cup of tea!).

Next, I moved on to work for a former customer of mine in the Financial sector as the Collaboration Systems Manager for a global clearing and execution services firm.  

On the consumer side, I was able to experience how people used (and struggled with) SharePoint in the "real world".  I was given the opportunity to hire a team, evaluate the current portal (SharePoint 2003) and completely re-architect and design a new solution, including information architecture, taxonomy, governance, and all of the trimmings.

Eventually, I had been afforded the very unique opportunity to have been the Manufacturer/Vendor, Salesperson, Service Provider, and Consumer.  This gave me a unique perspective on how SharePoint solutions are sold, planned, deployed, used, and managed in the real world.  Not many "SharePoint Experts" have experienced all of these aspects of the SharePoint ecosystem first-hand!

I have since, used that knowledge and experience to help develop my own Agile-type of methodology, specifically designed for portal planning and deployment.  Like other methodologies, this is a concept and a process.  However, there are two elements that distinguish the PORTAL Method from other Agile methods:

  1. There is much more documentation.   Most Agile methods are just that - agile.  They tend to adjust on the fly and to accommodate for certain things (depending upon the Agile process' proposed method).
  2. The PORTAL Method is specifically designed for a niche purpose - creating successful portals.

For more information on the essence of The PORTAL Method, please see my introductory post on The PORTAL Method.

In the end, I'm just a guy with resources and an opinion.  I do not claim to be the foremost expert on SharePoint, or to be able to answer all of your technical questions.   I do not claim to be a foremost expert on any one of the products mentioned above (though I do have a fair bit of expertise in many of these areas).  

I'm here to share my knowledge and experiences with the world, in the hopes that they may be of use to some of you.  Most of the information is provided for free and only intended as a "brain dump", so I can sleep at night without thinking about SharePoint.   :-)

I hope you enjoy the site.  Please stay, browse, contribute, and return!  I will be updating this site frequently from this point, forward.


The SharePoint Dude.

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