2010 Review – Composites

SharePoint 2010 Composites

What are Composites?

Composites are a very promising set of integration and application features included in SharePoint 2010.   The main purpose of Composites is to provide users with a set of standardized, self-service tools that they can use, as building blocks, to build productivity-rich solutions.

On the surface, Composites introduce components such as Access Services, SharePoint Designer 2010, and Business Connectivity Services, just to name a few.   However, it goes much deeper than that.  Composites are a great way to leverage many other tools that already exist within your organization, by putting them to work – together!

You want your investments in people to work well together, so why not your investments in software, too?

Why Composites?

Typically, companies realize that their IT Departments are limited (for a variety of reasons) to the amount of resources they can provide for working on new projects.  Thus, most companies create a priority list of the “Top Projects” that they will work on this year (or whatever time period).

The problem with companies choosing projects this way is that other parts of your organization suffer until you can “get around” to their projects.

So, Dude, you didn’t tell me WHAT Composites ARE…

No offense to Microsoft, but when I looked into this, I found their definition to be more of a marketing pitch.  It was a bit vague and “techie”.   So, I did some research and this is a definition I came to:

Basically, a Composite is a self-service application that is made up of various “pieces” of software functionality made available (preferably to Power Users) from other systems across the enterprise.   Each “piece” may or may not provide a function individually.  However, when you fit them together, much like a puzzle, they form a powerful business solution.

I liken Composites to the process of building with Legos or building a kit-car from pre existing parts.   You start with components and put them together to make something better and/or perform a greater function.


Here are some great resources to learn about Composites and how your business can benefit from their use.

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